Cool Idea: Adding Life Events to Your Net Worth!


Cool Idea: Adding Life Events to Your Net Worth!

A reader sent me that nifty graph up there and thought it was worthy of passing along in case you want to add to your net worth tracking as well 😉

Such a cool idea adding life events to the history, right?

Since so much of it plays an active role in how our money turns out?

Here’s the words she sent along with it, but not nearly as fun to see than the picture 🙂

Hi J,

Here’s our story. 🙂

When my husband and I met in late 2010, we were earning $105k combined. We now earn $248k with additional bonus potential (“OMG!!” *faints* every time I do the math). Our salary increases are solely the result of hard work and dedication, as neither of us has college degrees. We are now in our third semester of taking online courses in the hopes of eventually crossing that off the list.

My husband has two kids from a previous marriage, and his ex receives *quite* a bit of his salary. While we are obviously supporting my wonderful step-daughters, nearly 20% of our gross income does not add to our net worth. We are saving for college for all three children, two of whom have minor special needs.

Both of our exes are CRAZY spenders, and those relationships were incredibly unhealthy in just about every way imaginable (lots of stories for another day!). Neither of us realized how much happier life could be with a supportive partner. 👫 I brought consumer debt into our marriage, and my husband brought a credit history of bankruptcy and a separate foreclosure.

It is possible to aim for FI, regardless of how many degrees you have, how many kids you support, or how much financial baggage you bring into the relationship. We have made a lot of changes to help us move down the path, and we know there is a ton more we can do to optimize our lives over the next several years. Let’s DO this!!

– Leila*

YES!! Very true on those last lines there! And what a powerful example of what happens when you PUT IN THE WORK even without degrees! Super inspirational…

I took a few minutes to mock up my own version of net worth/life events, and here’s what I came up with:

net worth with life events

A bit messy, but you can get a good sense fast at what the major players are here, haha….

The stock market, website selling, and then all those babies popping out that effectively halts life until you can come up for air and figure out what the hell just happened to your wallet, haha… So glad we’re over that scary period!

But I gotta say – after 11 years of tracking this stuff, this is the first time I’ve actually seen such a descriptive snapshot like that all in one graph. Despite housing over 100+ updates in one main page as we’ve been doing… But again – a picture paints a thousand words! And they’re much more interesting to read than real ones 😉

So highly recommend giving this a shot and seeing what you come up with too… Bonus points for sharing it with all of us so we can ogle and be entertained as well!

Here are some other items you can add to your spreadsheets for even more sprucing up:

There’s always something you can add for more fun optimizing, haha…

What else do people track?? Tell us all your darkest spreadsheet secrets!! 😉

*Name changed to protect the nerdy


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