Ode to Pennies


Ode to Pennies

The other day I did something I’m deeply ashamed of.

I saw a penny on the ground and I DIDN’T PICK IT UP!!!

I don’t know what came over me (my brain told me it was dirty, but I think I was just being lazy?!), so today I’d like to confess my sins and ask for forgiveness… From both you, and those poor pennies still out there in the lurch…

A little ditty, if you will:

Ode to Pennies

Pennies pennies, I love you
Please forgive me for all I do

A moment of weakness, a night of unease
I wake up this morning, begging on knees!

The foundation of wealth, everyone knows
So why do I leave you there, glimmering so?

You fall from the sky, all alone in the ditch?!
What a horrible person am I – a son of a b*tch!

Never again, I can promise you that
Forever on my heart, like a permanent tat

Compounding and stacking – the things you do best
It’s all pretty amazing, what you do without rest

Fulfilling our dreams, both mighty and small
And yet no trophy, no award – not even a phone call?

I promise to change that – to go back to my ways
Of picking you up, no matter my haze

Sticky or dirty or full of mud crap
I give you my word – I’m done being a sap!

Forever I’ll cherish, those blessings in hand
Please – oh just please – will you forgive this old man?


Whew – that felt good to get off my chest 😉

And speaking of compounding, here’s a chart someone sent me that was floating around Facebook… (Thanks Alex!)

It takes a little more than pennies, but not much if you have *TIME* on your side!

compounding investing chart

Your friend in finance,

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UPDATE: A keen observer recognized the chart above from David Bach’s “Automatic Millionaire Homeowner” book. Who also adds, “I’ve been using the Billy numbers as a yardstick for years. I didn’t start savings until I was 25, but now I’m 15 years ahead of Billy in savings by age. So suck it, Billy!” 😉

[Penny photo by Mark Turnauckas]


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