5 random things I’ve learned recently


5 random things I’ve learned recently

This is going to be a hodgepodge of thoughts, but couldn’t help share them with you today 😉

5 interesting things I’ve learned recently!!

#1. You used to be able to buy human skulls on Ebay!

Was checking out a friend’s jewelry designs the other day, when I commented on how much I loved the mammoth skull ring he had made and how cool it was…

skull ring

His response was just as fascinating 🙂

Good to hear that you like it! That’s actually some guy’s skull that was being sold on eBay! 😁 Yes! You can actually buy authentic human skulls on eBay! When I did the sculpt I needed to have good reference images from a lot of angles. So, looking around online I ended up finding the eBay listing and learning about the legality of selling human skulls…


Another interesting thing about the ring is, when you spend a lot of time looking at skulls you learn that there are good looking skulls and not so good looking skulls just like there are good looking people and not so good looking people. I would have never thought that but I learned this is true. This skull is what I consider to be one of the good looking skulls. 😀

And then after some more back and forths (because of course I *had* to learn more!!), I got this gem:

Addendum: Ebay has since banned the sale of them. https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/prohibited-restricted-items/human-remains-body-parts-policy?id=4325#section1

And since you’re into the business of business. New business idea, go to old folks homes and buy their bodies for like $500 and then sell their skeletons when they pass away for around $3,000.


I’m still laughing at this three days later, haha….

And maybe even considered that hustle for a hot minute 😉

(You can buy the ring for $250 btw, which is a steal if you ask me for a “good looking” skull!)

#2. Walmart managers make BANK!!

This is a note I’ve saved for years now but always keep forgetting to share…

Might get you thinking a little differently about Walmart 😉

“I work in retail. We get an annual bonus each year for all salaried managers. This year mine was $108,000. This is my second smallest one out of the last four years.

The first thing I do is claim tax exempt before it hits my account and gets the heavy tax. Because of my income I still end up paying $30-$35,000 in taxes when I file my return. After I file my return in a week or so I’ll still have around $50K or so. My 401K is immediately maxed out, which is great. That way I don’t have to worry about it coming out every month. I also have $400 a month withdrawn for my two daughter’s 529 plan, $500 for my Vanguard, $1,000 for my company stock fund, and $325 for my Roth (also with Vanguard). I also bought some land in my hometown of Alabama and purchased a trailer that my nephew rents at $500 a month (mortgage is $455).

I grew up very poor and the only sibling of five to graduate from college. My greatest fear is going broke so I manage my money carefully. In the last six years I’ve increased my net worth from $14K to $500K.”

When I asked if he works at a Benz dealership he hit me with this 😉

“I actually work for Walmart as a store manager. One of the biggest secrets around. Starting salary begins at $109K and goes up to $175K a year depending on size and volume.”

#3. The average household has over 300,000 items in it

We’ve probably talked about this one before, but I can never get over just how RIDICULOUS this is every time I see it!! 300,000 things??? What is wrong with us??

Now according to this NY Times article that number literally accounts for *everything* in your household, even down to the # of paperclips you own, which softens this a little bit, but still. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years it’s that more stuff does not = more happiness! Or else everyone would be in bliss right now!

And always fascinating to see how generations before us lived as well to put it in even more perspective (hint: they did not own 300,000 things).

From a reader of the blog:

“Your pieces on “do I really need this” and amassing “stuff” always remind me to look at my ancestors’ wills from the 1600s-early 1900s. They are so specific and include no fluff (been doing genealogy for years). Such as, 1 bed, 2 cups, 1 sheep, 1 bin flour, 1 pewter tankard. No fluff there (One guy did have a race horse and bat guano but he was well off!). A reminder that more is not always necessary.”

#4. People get paid $200 to shove pizzas in their face

Only in L.A.!

pizza hustle

#5. A garden is more than just a garden…

This is more of a reflection than a fact, but haven’t stopped thinking about it since someone shared this with me, so thought it was worth passing over in case you can get something from it too 🙂

In response to our recent house purchase:

A few comments on the amazingly designed and maintained garden you are now lucky enough to inherit…

1. Gardening and landscaping is an amazing physical, mental and emotional activity. Need some zen in your life? Need to work up a sweat? Need a place to commune with the earth and think through your 21st century issues – get out in the yard! Seriously, it’s the one activity I do where upon completion, I feel stronger, more calm – dare I say serene?, more focused and accomplished… And unlike the gym, yoga mat or counselor’s chair – you can walk around and look at and enjoy the fruits of your labor…

2. I used the word “inherit” intentionally. You’ve inherited someone’s work of love+art, someone’s intentional creation – one of the few activities humans participate in that can have – when done right – nothing but a positive impact on the earth and it’s inhabitants – all of them… A successful garden offers insects, birds and animals a place to live, drink, eat and be at peace. Cherish that and honor those who created the space by maintaining it.

3. There are few spaces better for healthy and happy children than a well designed and maintained garden. I don’t know where you live but get some herbs and tomatoes planted – get the kids involved – enjoy life with your kids.

– Jennifer, avid gardener… Daughter of another avid gardener, Lucinda, who, at almost 80, maintains almost an acre of gardens every day… for fun.

And I must say… after a couple of weeks now working in the garden a little, I’m starting to see some of these effects 🙂 I still can’t decipher between a weed and an un-bloomed flower yet?!, but it sure is nice to be out there in nature vs on a screen all day long! I even mastered that riding lawn mower and now get a little sad whenever I have to hop off! No one told me how much fun they were?? 🙂

(True story: took me over an hour and a half just to get it TURNED ON, and now I go around the house telling everyone how much of an expert I am on it, haha… And only crashed into the ditch once! ;))

At any rate, that’s what I’ve been pondering over here…

What have you learned lately?


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