All the interesting stuff people put in their safes ;) Plus: the winner of last week’s giveaway!


All the interesting stuff people put in their safes 😉 Plus: the winner of last week’s giveaway!

Morning, guys!!

What a giveaway last week! Sooooo much fun going through all y’all’s entries and getting a sneak peek into your lives!! Felt like such a voyeur, and loved every bit of it! Haha…

We now have a winner of the safe and $100 in cash, but before we get to that I wanted to share some of my favorite entries as some of them were REALLY good (and creepy, fun, entertaining, smart!).

I learned a lot of great uses from y’all, but even more so just enjoyed laughing my a$$ off on some of these which helped me get through the week 😉 Here they are below, followed by the lucky winner…

Thanks for participating!!


The *funniest* items people put in their safes


  • “Vibrator 😱😬
  • “My cat when he’s naughty (KIDDING)!”
  • “My stupid law degree as an artifact of humans making stupid financial decisions”
  • “My authentic 1.10 carat diamond ring from my first marriage and my fake 1.50 carat from my second!”
  • “My “grudge” list of people who have wronged me throughout life”
  • “The last tan M & M’s I saved before they were discontinued for the blue ones”
  • “My husband’s divorce papers. Really important. We don’t need that raising its ugly head again… I mean, her, I mean… oh whatever. ;)” (Fun fact: “divorce papers” was one of the most mentioned items passed over! I guess those are some pretty important papers! :))
  • “Box of Twinkie’s they last forever and good for bid we have a need for a fire proof safe. A Twinkie will brighten anyone’s day”
  • “The WIFI BOX, cell phones, & remotes when the kids are naughty, where I hide the GIRL SCOUT COOKIES & the “good snacks””
  • “Money, documents, photos, and bricks to weigh it down a bit more. Might as well give any burglars a workout.”
  • “Multiple sets of collectible playing cards (Pokemon from my childhood), a couple pistols…” (EDITOR’S NOTE: found it hilarious to see “Pokemon” and “pistols” next to each other in the same sentence ;))
  • “I would create a treasure hunt around my home for those who “crack the safe” to keep them confused!”
  • “All the things my teenagers keep swiping from me. Cell phone chargers, kindle, the expensive chocolate I keep hidden from them (but obviously not well enough), even the overpriced hair conditioner that mysteriously ends up in my daughter’s basement bathroom.”
  • “I’d obviously fill the safe with marbles then ask my wife to open it and shout, you’ve lost your marbles!”


The most *interesting* items people put in their safes


  • “A bosun whistle my late father gave me…”
  • “A letter I received from Mother Teresa in 1989.”
  • “Autographed poster of the Miracle on Ice Team signed by all members with the exception of Herb Brooks.”
  • “Secret family recipes for spaghetti sauce and meatballs. My husband is Italian, and he learned how to make it from his father, who is am amazing cook. (Fun fact, my FIL is willing to give out his recipe, but it’s not actually the real one, he makes a couple of tweaks. Still turns out fine, but not the same as HIS sauce. Once we have kids I’m sure my husband will love teaching them.)”
  • “The most beautiful obituary I have ever read, written for a man unknown to me. I clipped it from a newspaper in 2002 and have kept it ever since.”
  • “My book notes… I spent ten years as a tour guide overseas (mostly in Iran and the former Soviet Union) and took meticulous hand-written notes in little notebooks while on the bus, during stolen moments in restroom stalls or on excursions and, of course, after they all went to bed at night each day. There is SO much material that I would like to include in this book, but it is taking me a while to make it through this heap of scribbles and craft it into a coherent volume. So these precious little booklets are the most important group of items in my safe.”
  • “A small ledger belonging to my great great grandfather in the 1870s (he was a farmer and chairmaker with 11 children).”

old ledger


The *creepiest* items people put in their safes


  • “The gross collection of baby teeth my parents kept and no one wants, but no one will throw away.”
  • “I keep the locks from my kids’ first haircuts. Plus some financial stuff ;( Why is it tradition to keep baby hair anyway? I find it super weird but I’ve been told it’s good luck so we’ve got it locked away. Is that the weirdest thing anyone said?”
  • “My funeral expenses are paid in full with the Neptune Society and that came with a nice box that contains a few blank thank you notes and a small box for cremains! As a friend’s nephew said…”so, if I get a package from you, it might actually be you?”


The *smartest* items people put in their safes


  • “All our prescription medications.”
  • “An inventory of all the belongings in my home on a flash drive, along with some video footage of the house with the belongings I have in there. It’s SO important to have an updated home inventory in case disaster strikes.”
  • Emergency contact info (if your phone dies or is lost, do you know the phone numbers for all of the people who are important to you?) (EDITORS NOTE: Also, as another person commented: “Make sure you share the combination/key with another trusted individual!”)
  • “I’d stick in some MREs, extra emergency survival water, batteries, first aid, general survival stuff. Did you know you could have practically all your essential survival tools in a card? They are called survival cards and are very space efficient. You could stack a lot since that’s how thin they are.”
  • “I would definitely stick some kind of tracker underneath or outside of it. What happens if you’re sleeping and check and see that your entire safe has been displaced? Like some tornado took it away or something? You go to your tracker and see where it’s been taken away!”
  • “I would use it as a motivational tool. I mean, safes represent wealth, so I would probably keep it as a reminder of my goals, and instead use it to lock up my distractions, such as my Kindle or whatever I spend too much time on. Out of sight, out of mind. 😛 (There was a Kickstarter safe that I backed once–but the company pulled out so I got my money back, but never got the safe–because it had a timer on it. Whatever you put in there, you couldn’t get back out until the time had elapsed. They recommended using it for phones when eating dinner together…. haha)”


So there you have it. All the creepiest, coolest, funniest, and most helpful answers of what’s good to keep in your safe 😉 Thanks for participating, everyone!! Such a fun giveaway to do!

And now to the big winner of the Stack-On safe + $100 of cash…

Mr. Randomizer plucked out a winner, and that lucky winner today is… SARAH D! Congrats!! Look out for an email from me soon so I can get all your info for it 🙂 For everyone else, I hope you do still find room in your budget for a safe, as they really can be life savers!! Plus they’re just a great way to keep all your important stuff nice and organized in one central place!

Huge thanks again to my friends at Stack-On Safes and Alpha Guardian for hooking us up this week, and we’ll be back tomorrow for some more riveting thoughts on life and finance 😉

Happy Tuesday!


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